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March, 2013

Guest Blog: Protecting UK properties from the danger of flooding

March 25, 2013 Alexandra Blakeman Housing Issues

Ben Furlong-web

Housing Specification welcomes Ben Furlong, Environmental Consultant at Argyll, to the Blog today. After a weekend of significant and unseasonable snowfall in many parts of the UK, Ben talked to HS about the importance of protecting your home from floods. Last year saw flooding frequently highlighted in the tabloids, with the newspapers regularly carrying images […]


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Budget 2013: How helpful is the new Help-to-Buy scheme?

March 21, 2013 Alexandra Blakeman Planning & Legislation


Yesterday’s budget delivered the expected incentives to boost UK housebuilding. According to the Chancellor, we need to help Britain become an ‘aspiration nation’. So how does his Help-to-Buy scheme size up for potential buyers? The scheme consists of two initiatives: The equity loan will offer homebuyers a 20% interest free loan for 5 years towards […]


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Prefabs were perfect post-war, but how can we solve today’s housing crisis?

March 20, 2013 Alexandra Blakeman Planning & Legislation

Prefab estate in Moredun, Edinburgh

In 1945 the new Labour government passed the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Act to relieve the property shortage after the war. Around 150,000 prefabricated homes were built between 1944 – 1970. Initially expected to last between five and ten years, residents were still living in their ‘temporary’ accommodation 70 years later. Residents of one of the […]


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