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Coming up next month – a spotlight on Solar PV design

August 6, 2012 Alexandra Blakeman Housing Design

In next month’s issue we’re discussing Solar PV design. Click on image for original source.

In next month’s issue of the magazine, we’re putting integrated PV solar panels into the HS spotlight.  In previous reports our focus has highlighted the benefits of installing solar PV and the various funding options available to the homeowner. This month we’re shifting perspective to look at the merits of solar PV design.

With so many design options available on the market it’s difficult to choose the right PV system for the property. As far as is possible, the PV system should complement the property’s aesthetic qualities and make-up.

Solar PV will make a large contribution towards attaining the 2016 zero-carbon homes target. As installations become more and more frequent, how will designs adapt in order to complement new and existing housing stock?

Next month’s report will discuss how the design of solar PV panels enables them to successfully integrate with existing roof tiles. Poor design could result in inadequate waterproofing measures and incompatibility with the overall roof structure. This could result in long-term maintenance problems for the homeowner.

Speaking to various manufacturers, we’ll largely be looking at new build installations, but we welcome contributions from those with experience in retrofit.

Performance and practicalities aside, next month’s report will get to grips with the intricacies of solar PV design. A range of issues will be covered, but we’ll primarily discuss the impact that different design qualities make on the value and aesthetics of your property.

Why not start the discussion now? If you have any comments or experience relating to solar PV design, then please do post them below. You never know, your comments might inspire a brand new topic for debate in next month’s report.

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