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GDHIF news welcomes by EWI industry

December 8, 2014 PaulGroves Housing IssuesPlanning & Legislation

DECC’s announcement regarding the reopening of the GDHIF, is a positive one for the External Wall Insulation (EWI) industry, says Paul Kirby, sales director for Wetherby Building Systems.

“As the industry braces itself for the whirlwind that will be the next phase of the GDHIF, it is good news for the EWI industry.

“The allocation of £24 million of the fund for EWI clearly demonstrates that DECC has listened to the industry; as a group, we have supported the National Insulation Association (NIA) in urging DECC to invest in EWI as the most effective way to help fuel poor households reduce their energy bills and make their homes warmer this winter, to take the ‘fabric first’ approach.

“With the cuts to the ECO scheme hitting the EWI industry the hardest, the reopening of the GDHIF will go some way to compensate for this and support the companies that had geared up for the expected increase in work as a result of ECO, that was pulled from under them.

“The only issue is how long this round of funding will last; most people will be expecting nothing short of a stampede come 9am on Wednesday morning, but a more robust application process should hopefully prevent the speculative applications that were a problem in the summer.

“However, with plenty of companies ready and waiting with valid documentation that was completed before the fund closed in July, it could feasibly be gone in a matter of hours.”

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