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Green Deal training under scrutiny

September 26, 2012 Alexandra Blakeman Planning & Legislation

The Green Deal, billed as a retrofit scheme to improve the energy efficiency of Britain’s housing stock, is due to launch next week. Well we can expect a half-hearted launch at least. With delays to the scheme’s financial mechanism, it’s expected that the initiative will launch in a piecemeal fashion until finance plans are finalised on 28 January next year.

Ambiguity in the Green Deal training criteria is being blamed for the initiative’s piecemeal launch. A standard for all installers must be set in order to regulate practice under the Deal. It is estimated that around 10,000 installers will be required to carry out work under the Green Deal by 2015. This means that a rigorous training and accreditation process is crucial to the success of the retrofit programme.

Training must be regulated under the Green Deal initiative. Click on image for original source.

Industry professionals – the installers and the electricians – have the power to ensure that the Green Deal is a success. Without an adequate training procedure in place, it would be difficult to reassure homeowners that their installations are being carried out to an industry standard. An accreditation process which people can interpret and trust is vital for the scheme’s survival.

The basis for all Green Deal training and accreditation is PAS2030. This recommends the best course for managing installations and providing services to customers before, during and after completion.

According to the GD website:

“Before funding can be granted, the property must undergo an assessment by an accredited Green Deal Assessor (GDA) who will make specific recommendations about the improvements to be made. Once [a] report is submitted, funding can be applied for, and the work carried out by an accredited installer. There are different requirements for private and commercial buildings, therefore assessors will be likely to specialise in one area. The role of GDA will be vital to ensuring that the scheme operates effectively.”

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