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Homeowners lack vital eco-information

August 20, 2012 Alexandra Blakeman Housing Issues

Do you know your EPC from your Solar PV? If not, you aren’t alone. A report compiled by The Green Home Company has revealed that 22 million Brits are unaware of the legal energy document for homes. Overall, the study shows that Brits could do more to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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The Energy Performance Certificate (the EPC) is a legally required document that enables homeowners and tenants to assess the energy effectiveness of their property. It can also provide valuable information as to the energy costs generated by their home.

John Benner, managing director, The Green Home Company, comments: “The fact that every other person in Britain is unaware of what an EPC is, is hugely worrying given it plays such an important part in telling us how energy efficient our homes are and therefore, acts as an indicator of where cost savings can be made. With households all over the country feeling the pinch, making sure you know about energy performance certificates is an absolute must.”

The most popular energy saving methods were also revealed in the report. Approximately 28.1 million homeowners surveyed said they had installed energy saving light bulbs in their home. Cavity wall insulation, water tank insulations and water butts were also amongst the most popular green initiatives installed in British homes. Solar panels and Biomass Boilers were revealed as the least popular renewable methods.

The report also assessed how green installations ranked amongst more cosmetic home improvements. People are equally as likely to build a new extension or conservatory as they are to install solar panels on their roof. Internal decorating and new furniture ranked as the most popular alterations.

With the Green Deal looming on the horizon, Housing Specification would like to know whether you have plans to improve the energy effectiveness of your home. Do you think homeowners would be more likely to install energy saving measures if the benefits were more widely known, or perhaps the failing economy is to blame? Let us know, leave your comments below.



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