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Presentation is key for prospective buyers

August 23, 2012 Alexandra Blakeman Housing Issues

Messy rooms are a major turn off for potential buyers, says an ING Direct report. Unsurprisingly the report has found that buyers are swayed by the presentation of their prospective home.

Messy bedrooms are a major turn off for potential home buyers. Click on link for original source.

Today’s article in the Telegraph says that messy or cluttered rooms could potentially knock as much as £8,000 off a house’s value. Current buyers seem to prefer a minimalist look over a more traditional ‘live-in’ style. You might call it the ‘blank canvas’ effect – without the disruption of cluttered surfaces buyers are able to clearly visualise themselves living in the property.

In a similar vein then, perhaps things like family photographs, personal ornaments and even hobby magazines could affect a potential buyer’s decision. Would a property sell quicker if niche objects, particular to the seller’s taste, were extradited before viewings?

The survey by mortgage provider ING Direct asked more than 1000 adults whether tidiness affected their view of a prospective property. Two out of five prospective buyers would be put off a property if it had a messy boy’s or girl’s bedroom.

Many said they would use it as an excuse to negotiate a lower price for a house.

Untidy bedrooms weren’t the only turn off reported. Pet hairs, dirty bathrooms, unkempt gardens and grubby kitchens were all said to impact a buyer’s view of a prospective property.

NG Direct chief executive Richard Doe said: “Parents aiming to sell their home should bear in mind the impact an untidy kid’s room could have on any offers.

“Even if the mess doesn’t completely dissuade a buyer, it seems that it certainly impacts on the price they’d be willing to pay – so kids keeping their rooms spic and span could really pay off.”

Get in touch and tell us how you would prepare your home for selling. Do you think it’s necessary to get rid of all personal paraphernalia? Post your comments below.

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