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Technology makes a positive impact

July 19, 2012 PaulGroves Innovations

Technology continues to advance and drag us along with it, sometimes whether we like it or not.

But there is little doubt that technology continues to have a major and positive impact on housing, exerting more of an influence on every aspect of the industry.

One of the most significant impacts has been at design stage. New software developments have helped push the boundaries of design, allowing architects and developers to create distinctive buildings and incorporate innovative features into their plans.

MiTek’s new Posi-Framer software is impressing those within the industry.

New advances include MiTek’s Posi-Framer software, an Autodesk-based solution aimed primarily at timber frame manufacturers. MiTek’s Business Development Director James Morgan explained: “For companies already using our WoodEngine timber frame detailing software, Posi-Framer is the natural progression as it allows you to automatically frame your Posi-Joists on top of your timber frame walls, automatically laying out your decking and partition noggins and saving your floor detailer hours of work in the process.

“Once the Posi-Joists are engineered the time savings continue with the automatic generation of engineered hangers and strong-back braces.”

In addition to working well in conjunction with timber frame, Posi-Framer can also detail Posi-Joists supported on masonry walls and is now in use throughout the Posi-Joist Manufacturer Network in the UK and Ireland.

Do you view such advances in technology as a necessary evil, or are you happy to embrace each new development?

By its nature, technology will continually evolve and as it is applied to housing so will the industry itself.

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