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The definitive guide to rooflights

July 25, 2012 Alexandra Blakeman Innovations

Today Housing Specification welcomes Paul Trace from Lumen Lights into the blogspot limelight. Here he offers some practical guidance to you help choose the right rooflight for your home. For the full article click ‘read more’.

Choosing the right rooflight for your property

The rooflight is an ingenious concept that introduces natural light into a building discretely but effectively. They provide an even distribution of light to large low-level structures and can illuminate the dark areas in a room that windows could never reach. However with so many options available, choosing the most suitable rooflight for your home can be anything but straightforward.

Rooflights from Lumen Lights

The first thing to consider is the type of materials that are available. Steel is the obvious choice for period properties and barn conversions, but they are now also being more frequently used in sleek new contemporary houses. Timber is a long-time favourite on homes of any style, but getting onto the roof to maintain the timber can be an awkward task. PVCu is also an option, but it will not provide the slim frames that metal is capable of, nor the natural look of wood.

The important thing is to select a rooflight that matches the look and feel that you are trying to achieve with your new build or renovation, as it should blend in with your roof and the materials used throughout the build. There are many different types of rooflight on the market catering for the modern contemporary style through to a more traditional look and feel.

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